Fork oil and adjuster settings

Anyone in the mood to answer these questions for a 2000 WR 400 again?

Do you fill the inner cavity of the damper rod with oil? The manual says to measure the oil level before installing the push rod, which when inserted would seem to change the level a significant amount. The bad news is I think I filled one side fully and the other partially. Please, someone tell me this doesn't matter so I don't have to take them apart again. Oh well.

I set the 5 wt. oil level at 125mm. Sound okay? Any sugestions as to what I should set the top and bottom adjustment clickers as a base setting? They both were at 3 3/4 turns or 15 clicks from fully out.

I am a svwelt (does this board have spellcheck?) 140 lb +/-, 45 yr old novice with aspirations to go quicker at the comp park supercross track w/o too much altitude or potential pain.


rep, I think the idea behind filling that damping rod is to prevent cavitation upon assembly. Assuming you pumped the forks to evacuate the air pockets, your levels should be correct. I am 165# and I am running my forks with 105mm from the top/ five weight Spectro. I still severely bottom the bike on a motocross track if I dont set the compression clickers in. I personally am considering a revalve because these forks (1999) are less than supple! OK on the trails but a glaring liability on a MX track.


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