Cylinder head

So I just rebuilt the whole motor on my bike and realized that the 2 holes on too of the cylinder that allow the power valve to breath I believe have to have the clamps and hoses on it or if it would be okay I ride? Probably a dumb question but I'm asking just to be safe, anyone able to help me out?

probably be ok. what about just safety wire the tube on until you get clamps or just safet wire?

It will be fine when you're riding, it's positively pressurized. When you have to be carefull is when you wash it, make sure to plug them.

I went a couple months without mine when I first bought my bike, untill I put in my first top end. I needed the cylinder off to get the old unions pieces out.

One is for the PV, the other is for the tranny BTW.

You can run it like that, but you do run the small risk of getting dirt in there. You will get some crappy spooge running onto your engine as well. I broke the joint on my 04, and ran it without it for a little while. It was kind of messy, so I just fit a little brass pipe into the outlet, and ran a piece of line of it. Worked great

Alright thanks guys! I am breaking it in tomorrow! I found a piece for one but had to kind of make something to cover the top hole.. I found a jet and sanded down the thread then beat it in the hole and covered it with the hose, not sure if it will hole or not but I will try! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380264083.392302.jpg what do y'all think?

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380264119.856695.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380264129.639172.jpg

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