2010/11 crf250r

i have a 2008 crf250r and thinking of selling it and getting a 2010 or 11 crf250r. i just want to know any problems that people might have with these year models and which one is better. i just am looking for a fuel injected, easy to start, reliable bike

No I haven't but my current bike starts easy but the intake valves are going out and is starting to be hard to start. When I shim it. It goes good again but goes out within 10 hours. Right now I have the choice of getting a new bike or new intake valves. Don't know at the moment

anyone else got any info on the 2010 crf250r's???

The 2010 seems to be an ok bike.  I have two.  Issues that it has are as follows.


1. Horrible frame geometry.  You need a Pro Circuit lowering link for the rear to help get the bike level.  It comes from the factory ass high and that makes the steering way to quick.  They added a steering stabilizer after the fact, I believe to counteract the busy front end.  Takes a bit of patience to get the bike to go where you want it to go and become settled.

2.  The pegs belong on a moped.

3.  Several people have reported gas in the oil due to a leaking injector.  hasn't happened to me though

4.  Its down on Hp by 2 if I remember correctly versus the 08



1.  Brakes are solid

2.  Suspension is fair

3.  Has a small flickable feeling

4.  great bottom end power



With all this said, if I had a solid 08 Id rebuild it and continue to run it.  the 08 was one of Hondas best ever 250F


what about starting the bike, is it easy or hard. what is the price of a pro circuit lowering link?

do the pro circuit links help much and how reliable are they engine wise?

I install the Factory connection lowering link and it's a great update for 200$

how good are the engines in these models? power wise and also reliability wise (how long they last)

Lowering Link-

  The Pro Circuit lowering link makes a world of difference in handling.  I cant say for the Factor Connection version but Im sure its close to the same.  I got mine for 150 from a member on here.  I actually bought two, one for my 450 and one for my sons 250.  Install in 10 minutes by removing two bolts.



  The motor on these bikes is like any other 4 stroker. You just gotta keep up with the maint.  Air filter and oil change after every ride.  We have two 2010 250's and an 09 450.  I love them but they are rather expensive to maintain compared to a 2 stroke.  Lots more time required in maint as well.



  They can be finicky but not too bad.  The worst is when cold, but 6-8 kicks and she fires.  Valve adjustment will keep it starting fine



   We haven't had ours long but no problems so far other than that which I have induced by running the wrong fuel in a full race 14.5:1 motor.  Pre detonation led to a cracked piston, but this was all my fault and no fault of the bikes. 



  No complaints here.  I"m 180 lbs. and it hauls my fat butt just fine.  Its had a little work done to it but not much.  My sons is the full race motor and its sick fast, but thats after 4k in motor work.

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i have been lookimg at the crf 250's also. if youre going to get a brand new one get a leftover 2012 or 13 or 14. the 12 underwent a major redesign and seemed to be a better bike

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