Which 2009 crf450r

Both bikes have 40 hours and are in good condition. Can't decide on a bike help!

1. 2009 crf450r $3200

-gpr steering stabilizer

-tuned suspension

-wc radiator braces


2. 2009 crf450r $3400

-excel rims (stock hubs and spokes)

-asv levers



Without any other info, I would go with #1. It has some off road goodies so it was most likely ridden off road, and "maybe" not rev'd as hard or jumped a bunch. In the pics, It also looks a bit less used than the other bike (although it's hard to tell from pics). Other than that, I would try to figure out which has lower hours, and is better maintained.


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Number one looks good

From here

Ok thanks! yeah #2 has been used a little more. honestly i like how the second one looks because of the "bling" but the first one seems like a more solid choice.

I just sold my 09 crf450.  I personally do not like the handling characteristics of this bike.  I resprung the bike for my weight but no other suspension mods.  A big thing with these bikes in stock form is the 'stink bug' effect where the rear end of the bike sits high.  Also the bike is unbalanced from front to rear (put it on a stand and the rear tire stays down and front tire raises because the rear has more weight).  because of the weight imbalance you will find yourself needing the rear brake when jumping to correct sometimes.  Suggested corrections for this is A. lowering link and B. Shim the shock to lower the rear.  I have not done this and cannot comment on performance.  I've heard multiple opinions on offset triple clamps to correct the suspension also to improve handling/corning.  What I will tell you is that in stock form the bike does not handle/corner well at all.  It will stand you up in the corners and its hard to lay into a rut and maintain a good angle.

In light of the above I would ask more questions about what exactly has been done the suspension.  Best bet is to see if you can test ride the bike(s) offroad where you will be riding so you can get a feel for them

Tuned suspension doesn't mean anything unless it was tuned to suit your needs. A steering stabalizer would be nice to have at higher speeds though and would make a difference in the desert especially. It's worth looking at both and picking whichever is in better shape.

09 installed a steering dampener stock mounted behind number plate

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