Clutch Springs

Hey guys, I have a 07 CRF230 and I'm trying to replace the clutch.  I got all the plates and disks in, but even with the nut tightened, the plates move with in the basket and clutch center.  Also I know the springs should be tightened down to 9 lb-ft, but don't have a torque wrench that goes down that low.  I tried so that the plate lifter is just under the plane of the clutch center.  The lever feels fine, but when started and warmed up, the clutch doesn't seem to disengage.  I also tried snugging the springs all the way down then tightened the bolts to 9ishlb-ft.  Ideas?

I would suggest you get a factory shop manual first and then try again.

Just saying.

Thanks, but I already have it.  Following the FSM, I aligned the last plate correctly and torqued down all the other nuts properly. 

Couple of thoughts:

Sometimes the tabs on the plates and frictions don't fit into the basket and clutch center. Also the CRF240 clutch has an extra set of plates on the outboard end.  If any of these don't fit properly they will impede clutch operation.


The 4 bolts for the lifter plate are tightened until the lifter plate is tight against the 4 bosses from the pressure plate.  The springs then pull the pressure plate against the plate stack.


The clutch lifter rod need to be installed correctly so the actuator shaft can push on it, and then the lifter plate. 

So I ended up giving up and taking it in to the shop.  Turns out one of the splines on the clutch center had a small nick in it and that was preventing it from releasing.  Replaced the clutch center and all is well in the world.

if you can't or won't get a torque wrench then try this......

mark you ratchet handle at 12" from the socket center.

snug up the bolt and get the ratchet handle level to mother earth.

using a can filled with 9 pounds of weight and a wire hanger.

position hanger at mark on the ratchet handle at let gravity correctly tighten up the bolt.

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