stator swap I wanna add some lights any help?

I bought a 86 xr 600r with a bad top end. Dude ran it low on oil, and the top went out. The guy I got it from gave me a complete new( used ) motor. He said it was outta a xl model and it has a lighting coil in the stator in case i want to put a headlight on it. Now from what im reading the ignition system is an AC system, and the lights will be DC . Am I correct so far? I swapped the 5 wire for the 2 wire just to fire the motor because it plugged right into the xr harness. But like i said a headlight is gonna be kinda nice. Anywho...theres 2 wires ,obviously, required for the bike to run. A smaller green/red tracer that looks like it goes to a gauge sender. That leaves 2 wires . Is this simply a DC + and a DC - thats commin off there? Im kinda a new bike mechanic so try not to gimme too much crap. Another thing is I was gonna use a couple of those micro cree LED lights. Am I gonna run into any prob? Are they vastly different than incadescents? Any input will be appreciated, unless its criticizing my punctuation, spelling ,or grammar. I know its terrible, gimme a break!

Oh yeah the motor fired right up and ran perfect, so I was pretty happy.

The XR uses 2 coils one 50watt for CDI one 100watt for AC lights. Now the XL has 3 coils one for CDI one coil for headlight AC with a AC reg. one coil with a reg/rec for DC to a battery that ran the rest horn,signals,tail brake lights.


Now I take it yours will be offroad only? This what you can do your LEDs need DC so you will need a reg/rec and battery. 5 wires one goes to CDI guess you got that right its running! Now we got 4 left two wires for each coil what we are going to color code does not really matter AC goes both ways take one wire from one coil hook to one wire to other coil now it thinks it has one big coil so if you have two 60watt coils now you have one 120watt coil! so you have two wires they go to input of the reg/rec then from reg/rec to battery. You can find wire diagram by google for one for XL600R

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