Cheaper, or maybe used Knee braces?

 I hurt my knee back in february. I have been using this knee brace (wow that is long! not exact but close) I feel it has been doing the job, I can feel that it helps support a lot, but maybe not enough. 


 I don't have $600+ to just buy a nice one, I would like to keep it down into the $150 range max. I know, these are my knees, and I should protect them better, but I am going to have to make do with what I can find. 


 I found this one used, and it looks a lot like what I want (might be a womens, and might be too small.)


Also looking for something maybe around like this would be enough?


 I just would like to know if there is anybody that is in my situation, and had to go with a cheaper route, and share what they got.


 thank you!

Cheap is cheap for a reason..  If your ok with getting injuries to your knee well why even where braces?  All it is, is a way to prevent injuries and the design of the more expensive  ones are worth it and are usually more comfortable.  I have been wearing asterisk for 7 years and pod for the last year and never had a knee problem and had some gnarly wrecks.  One in fact where a competitor actually landed on my knee after he took me out before a 3rd gear double.  

if you hurt your knee and you have insurance, you may be able to buy prescription knee braces. Go to your doctor and see if he will write you a script. 

 ha! doesn't matter what I say, I still get the responses that I knew I would get, that are no help. thanks anyways. I can't go big, and said why, and can't get it was a script. sorry, I just don't understand why people say "why even go cheap? you are better off without" well more power to you, since you have money and I don't, thank you for suggesting me to go without any kind of knee support! I upgraded from a pair of $80 boots to $170 boots and I can tell that has tripled my protection. I don't have to increase what I have by 500% I can say that what I am wearing now is better than not wearing anything at all, I can feel the support, but I want to up the amount of protection. I don't race motocross, so my chances are a little bit less than yours. 


 I would spend the money if I had a full time job, but I don't right now.


 now does anybody have a knee brace that is around $150?

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