power up pack

I recently bought a used TE310R that only has 368 miles on it. The guy that bought it originally ordered a "power up kit" for it after he bought it. At least thats what he called it. I have the kit, but its a switch and a few other pieces that need to be installed along with a different air filter cage. I have no instructions, but have done plenty of work on my old bike. Is this something I can handle and /or is there a site with instructions for this?

 Anyone know what Im talking about?


As far as I know its just o2 sensor wire removed from header and replaced with bung.Then theres a plug type connector that plugs in to the o2 sensor wire think they call it o2 eliminator seen them on ebay.And then the arrow pipe aswell as I said as far as I know as our dealers do power up kit as standard.

Yea, the pack has the oxygen sensor along with a couple O rings and bolt style plug. Was told dealers in California cant put them on until sale of bike.....

Is it definitely a TE310r?  I.e. a 2013?  If so, you can leave the O2 sensor in and connected, but the ECU has to be remapped using the Husqvarna Service Tool.  The filter cage also has to be changed, and the velocity stack either removed, or swapped for the open version.


If it is a  2012 or earlier TE310, you can do it yourself as mentioned above.  The pipe is not necessarily part of the powerup, but removing the sensor, installing the resistor plug, removing the catalytic convertor, removing the throttle stop (if present), changing the sprocket to 50t, and changing the filter cage all need to be done.  I think that's it.  Oh, and probably resetting the TPS.

Yes, it is a 13, red head'. got it with 300 miles on it. Have the filter basket, it also has a switch and the sensor. The guy where i got the pack from showed me another Husky and the pipe just had the plug in it...no sensor connection. This sounds like I need to take it in. I would hate to screw it up, nor do I have the service tool. Guess I could order that too!

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