SSR 110 carb problems

Alright guys, I picked up a 2011 SSR 110 which I believe to be a dx3 secondhand a few days ago. Bikes runs good, except when I'm at wot. It kind of bogs and sputters until you ease off the throttle. It will do it on the stand and when riding it. Cleaned the carb, have a new air filter on the way.

I'm thinking its too rich. Sound right? How can I test my theory without ordering jets?

Read your spark plug. Google spark plug reading chart and you should get a decent chart with images and descriptions. Basically black is running rich, white is running lean, cream-ish is running perfect.

Edit:clean off the plug with a wire wheel/brush, put it back in, ride it for alittle and then check. If you try to read an old plug it's going to have carbon on it anyway

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Well, new plug, n its chocolate brown. Doesn't seem rich or lean. What else would cause this sputtering/bogging at high rpm usually 2nd or third gear. Even went n got a new tank of 93 octane thinking maybe the gas was bad

Bad filter maybe

Man, pitbike forums are awfully quiet compared to the drz section

If bike is equipped with a molkt carb they are known to cause problems. Like the above post you can try reject or buy a makuni vm 26 carb from You can also post question on for help. Tbolt also sells jet kits for the molkt carb

Its a keihin, marked right on the float bowl

Engine and Carb quick check list - TBolt USA Tech Database!

Install Intake manifold to head and carb, oil gaskets and tighten bolts lightly at first then torque then down gradually in a cross pattern to provide a good seal and avoid air leaks

1)Throttle cable adjustment check:

a)Carb slide MUST hit bottom 

b)Test it , You MUST hear the sound of the slide hitting the bottom of the carb

c)You must have free play or slack in the throttle cable 

d)You must be able to turn the throttle a small amount WITHOUT moving the carb slide

2)Make sure the carb is 100% clean, free of debris and you can see light thru both main and pilot jets 

You must start with a known good and properly oiled air filter 

3)Double check you valve tappet adjustment .003intake and .004exh. 

4)Make sure your exhaust gasket is installed properly. 

5)Make sure all electrical connections are tight and you have a solid ground from the engine to the frame.

and make sure you have spark 

6)Check for good fuel flow and fresh fuel. 

7)See our jetting guide and do a plug read.

Flooded Engine:

IF your flooded , pull the plug , Kick it over like 10 time WITH THE PLUG OUT 

Put in a NEW PLUG

One more thing

I find at times it helps to just crack the throttle a tiny bit to let air in , just a tiny bit 

Thanks for the reply, but I think I've figured out. I'm pretty sure its rich in the main jet. Revs good all the way til you get past 3/4 throttle, then bugs at full open. Out of curiosity I took the air filter off kicked it over and revved wot and rev all the way up no bogging. So I think I'm gonna try a 78 main jet. An 80 is in it now

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