Georgetown was perfect today!


well as close as you can get to perfect.....  im almost even tempted to use the " E" word it was so good!  (you know EP!C... the most over used and misused word lately)


When we called they said they were closed in the morning but would be open in the afternoon. we got there at noon at the gates were closed so we drove back to ranger station and annoyed them until they opened it up shortly after. The conditions were awesome! not dusty at all, but not muddy either. very few puddles and almost none that you couldnt avoid.  we didnt see a single person on the trails all day. if you dont work in the next day or two, go ride gt!  by the looks of it. it will probably be dusty again in no time. shoot i'd go back tomorrow but i gotta pack for cancun :cool:

I shed tear when my brother recently moved from Sac. My No Cal hub, gone......GT probably still sucks, but I will probably not get up there again anytime soon to find out :cry:

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