YZ450F-09 frame

I need a new frame for my yz450f-09 and i am woundering if any frame from 06-09 will do the job because the OEM part numbers are not the same for these frames ?

And then there is the cracking issue of these frames so witch frame is the best between 06-09 considering the cracking ?

Sorry for my poor English,i am from Sweden ! 


The frames will interchange fairly freely, except that the '09 swing arm and linkage all has to go together as a set, and the rear wheel from the '09 won't fit an earlier swing arm.  The handling will be less impressive with an '06-'07 frame though.  '08-'09 are better bets.


If your frame is cracked, you should probably just have a good TIG welder repair it. 

The previous owner has made som major strengthening around the steering steam but now it has cracked just around the bearing and two inches up,so i have decided that it is better to get another frame instead.


I see. 

deleted. Sorry Gray

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I have an 08 frame and swingarm for sale if you are interested.


Any discussions of such sales needs to be conducted via PM only, not in the forums.

PM sent, have a couple frames for sale ('06 and '08).

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