fuel pump for 2013 ktm 500 exc

Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows if a standard fuel pump on this model bike can be used on a 20 L after market acerbis tank or does the fuel pump need to be longer to reach the bottom of the tank. If I need another fuel pump does anyone know how much they cost and where to purchase one standard or modified thanks for any help.

On all of the large tanks I've done if the lines weren't long enough new ones were supplied with the tank. It's a pain to do but it works. 

Thanks mate

im not sure but does the fuel pump have to be sitting in the lower part of the tank on an ocersize tank so that it can use all the fuel it has to be submerged in fuel the hole time

I assume you have this figured out by now but if not I had no issues with my 2012.

I would like to find a pump on the cheap as I hate changing back and forth. Let me know if you found one.


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