2013 350 exc gearing

Hi fellas, I have read up a bit on switching gearing and noticed some of you have gone for the 14/48 etc. My bike came stock with 14/52 but a ride in some hilly rock single track has me pondering changing gearing. I was provided with a spare 13 front sprocket with the bike. The bike is plated but I only use it to connect trails and as a result, I am not interested in going overly fast on road. My question is, will the 13 tooth provide better engine braking going down steep rocky descents and do I need to swap chains? Has anyone tried this set up? The Freeride seemed to kick ass in this department!!. Thanks.

If you are geared at 14/52, going to a 13 T front sprocket should not be an issue with the current chain assuming that the axle is not already back at the end of its adjustment.  13/52 is extremely low gearing which would not be much fun at higher speeds on the roads.

I run 12 front/50 back...it is an enormous help in Colorado. I can crawl over rocks and cruise with ease up mountain trails. I can still cruise 60 mph just fine, thanks to the 6 speed. 

Thanks fellas for your input.

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