2007 RMZ450 hot starting

Any advice anyone?


I can start the thing first kick in the paddock, even when hot, but if I stall it/drop it on the track it takes at least a minute or two to get the thing going.

It has a new engine, valve clearances are perfect, try starting it with closed throttle and using hot start lever in neutral. Shredded my boot!!


Is it better to open the throttle a bit/ open and close once to inject a bit of fuel in?





Just blip the throttle a little to get fuel. Don't hold it open. Get it just over TDC and kick all the way through. Might take a few kicks but not to many. 


It seems like every carbed 4 stroke I've owned was hard to start after a drop. Might just be the nature of the beast. My FI 2009 RMZ450 fires right up after a crash though.

Thanks!!  Will give it a try!!  So pissed off with it I'm seriously considering getting a new one!!

+1 that hard to start when dropped, or stalled (sometimes) seems if you miss the first two kicks, it gets pissed off.  Understanding where TDC is and learning how to coax it just past the (hard part of the Kick stroke) TDC can help alot.  I have found that almost any 4-stroke cannot resist starting using the following proceedure (when dropped stalled, or just plain stubborn).  Press in kill switch, put choke on full, gas on full and (not trrying to start it yet.  Kick it through 2 or three strokes of the kickstarter,  Not fast, and hard but not too slow either...  Then no gas, no choke, no kill start (ie normal starting) it should go in first or second kicks (more than 3 tries) repeat..... choke, gas, kill 2-3 "kicks",


I find that if i don't get it going on the first few kicks, it can be very hard to start.  THis seems to be the case with every 4-stroke i ever had, and I've had alot..

Thanks Dad!!  I'll give it a try!!

That's pretty funny lol! Just noticed your in Japan! Wow! Wonder if the bike laws of physics still apply on the other side of the planet? I may need to investigate firsthand. Lots of my friends spent many months their teaching English. They loved it.

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OK seem to have got it down a bit better now!!


Japan is the same but different Dad!!  I've been hear nearly 10 years now!!  MX scene is small but good and there's a few foreigners here doing it!!

Figuring out how to start your bike is critical.  More than once my very experienced friends have ridden my bike, stalled and tried to start it.  Or simply tried to start it up for a ride.  If they don't get it on the first kick or two, it can be quite hard to start.  I usually walk up and start it for them in a kick or two.  Its pretty funny!

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