RMZ-250 for offroad/enduro

Hi all,

I need some help please. I want to covert my bike for offroad enduro. I hardly do any MX riding. What should I do. Is it even worth doing? Has anyone done it that still uses the bike?

I'm really new to all of this and only realized after the out rides that this bike is not really suited for enduro.

i'm 175lbs seniorA...removed 40ml fork oil, otherwise BONE stock for enduro/hs racing...works FANTASTIC and never stalls.

What makes it not suited for enduro? You can easily put light on. There is plug and play kits. If you like an 18" wheel,just buy one or lace it up. Want more power? Different power? You can do anything from a pipe or high comp piston to cams and a 290cc big bore. Hell,I made a bigger tank lol. But the stocker is good for most people for 2hrs. Not much that an Rmz can't do that any other bike can't. I can think k of a couple things an Rmz can do better than some other enduro prepped bikes..

For some reason here in South Africa everyone thinks that the RMZ will break. I was planning on softening up the suspension, installing a fly wheel weight and an 18 inch wheel. Has anyone installed a coolant recovery bottle?

LOL. It wont beak. Its made just like any other bike. They are just frames,motor and wheels. All bikes are pretty good. Think about it like this-guys ride anything from a CR,Husky, TM, Beta, Kawi,Yam (get where I am going) and do just fine. The RMZ is no different. Edmondson in Europe used to race an rmz250. Lots of others have also. Heck, when Suzuki had the factory offroad team, they had a GNCC rider fielded to race the 2010 rmz250,but he got hurt. I race mine offroad. I hae made some suspension changes and plan on doing a 290 kit this winter. I may put an 18 inch wheel on it. I tried all the recluse except the exp core and dislike them all,but it is an option. The rmz250 makes a really good woods bike. I have an 05 rm250,and 11 rmz450 and my 13 rmz250. The rm250 is nice to have fun in the woods,but the rmz250 does handle better and has a broader/torquier powerband than the rm250 (kinda narrow power with very little bottom). Its one of those things where you just prep the bike like any other "woods" bike and just go out and have fun. If riding really slow, a ktm fan kit will mount right up so you don boil over. other companies make them also or guys use computer fans. I use evans coolant. never boiled the bike. Protection,HD tubes,handguards, and setting up suspension for your personal liking is all that is really necessary. Enjoy! They are a blast in the woods. there is actually a lot of guys on here that ride woods with RMZ's/

Good shpeil AC! I love these bikes. Im right behind you with a 05, 10 and 13. The 04 is closest to woods. Youd think i had a rekluse how i shift but i guess i have the best 04 tranny out there (sarcasm) haha. I use one finger if i even use the clutch and its on point. The 04 is my hare scramble bike. Making the ten more of a racer. I got two words for the OP. Suspension, suspension, suspension!

I have gone from KTM to GasGas and now to a RMZ250-13. And I ride mostly enduro. And I must say that this is the best bike I've ever had. Just love how it handles in the woods, and the SFF fork is pure love.. I have never ride as fast as I do with this bike.
What I have done is to put a Rekluse EXP Core 2.0 on, and a 18" wheel just to get more traction. I put a aluminium skidplate on. And frontlight from polisport, runs with plenty of power with the stock stator.
I have made the fork a bit plusher on comp and mid. The shock works good without revalving.
But in my part of the country (Sweden) I'm like the only one that rides a yellow bike in the woods. Everyone else rides orange or blue. But the RMZ250 is a great enduro bike. :)

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Does the 18inch wheel make that much of a difference? @notoriousE-R-I-C when you say suspension suspension suspension, what work should i ask the shop to do. Its a 2008 model, is there anything that i shpould have checked on the bike with regards to common issues?

The tracks I ride is normally a lots of rocks and roots.  And the 18" wheel did much more than I had ever thought. Better traction uphills and better grip when on the brakes downhill. And it also made the suspension work better. I guess the bigger tier absorb a lot of the rocks :thumbsup:

What im saying emphasizing suspension upgrades is its a whole new bike once you get both suspensions dialed in. A motorcross setup will be different than a woods setup. How different depends on the rider. You dont even know. Its awesome. Totally worth having a professional do it right. I dont even know how to do it that well. Ive resprung and revalved my 04 myself and it was transformed. Take that back, the rear is stock but has been serviced and clicked in to where i like it. I did the forks. But i had an experienced man do my 10 and i couldnt have done it that well. I could only imagine pro circuit or the like. Before you invest on motor uprades, get your suspension done first.

How do you go about powering a computer fan with no battery?  Thanks

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