Carb Issues

Hey y'all, I have a 98 WR 400. The bike was running great about a month ago, but while riding I pulled the clutch in and gave it some gas so it wouldn't stall because my idle was messed up. When I pulled the clutch in I didn't give it enough gas and it shut off and hasn't started since. I pulled the carb off to check the jets and clean them. I read the "How to fix the 'BOG' issue thread", so I dremmiled the stopper on the diaphragm and put wire where was needed. After I put the carb back together, I filled the carb with gas and pulled the throttle and no gas shot out. Before I did this "mod", the gas shot out very strong from the carb when the throttle was pulled.


Has anyone else ran into this issue or should I just buy a new diaphragm??


Also if it is possible, can anyone take a picture of their carburetor on the left side, I need to make sure the tubes are connected correctly.


Any help is much appreciated!

You have 2 issues:

Pilot jet is blocked - replace

AP is messed up - new diaphragm.

You have two more issues: 

Apump nozzle is probably corroded

Need to do the apump upgrade outlined in the pinned posts.

Thanks for the help, Sorry it took me a while have been busy with work. I am ordering the parts tonight, hopefully this will fix the issue.

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