GP450 CRF very well sorted....

That thing is sick.

You couldn't even think about attempting to build it for that price.

I'd buy it if I could make it street legal in ca Haha.

Imagine pulling up to a cbr250

Or killing some 600s in the mountains.

I'd like to test it

Yeah, that would be fun pissin' off the man... braaaap.

That looks good. My mechanic made a similar one but used a rmz450 motor and frame. Pretty cool track bikes 

The wheels are almost as much as he's asking for the whole bike. Im interested in that brembo radial setup on the front. Ive got an 83' CB1100F and would like a real fork. I know those twin chamber showas inside and out, literally. If it could get matching wheel drop outs to run dual rotors on that fork.....OMG that would be bad ass on the front of my street scooter.  :cool:

OMG, I do have an address in Havasu....I could see a plate on that bad boy, I already have a plated 06' CRF450r with plates.....hmmmm.


However I am deathly afraid of how often the valves would zero flogging that thing everywhere..but dayum it would be fun, when the motor wears time to find a CR500 motor... :devil: .   Now thats a bike!

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