120/100-18 issues?

Anyone running a 120/100-18 rear tire? Specifically a Desert IT? Just wondering if it will fit without any rubbing/clearance issues? I bought the wrong size by accident, but I'm not at all opposed to a bigger tire if it will fit.

Haven't used that tyre but I have had 140's on my XR400 with no problem.

Dont know what bike you have but,On 250s we use 130s  400s  140 or 5.10 BTR

JEEZE! Mine is a 110 18 and gets so much traction on the dirt I would not want a bigger heavier tyre!

Plenty of room for a 120/100.

XR 400


Thanks guys.


I figured it would be fine. It looks like I have plenty of room at the swing arm, but the muffler might get a little more wear on it.


I'd run a Fat Cat tire back there if I could! Our rocks are brutal.

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 but the muffler might get a little more wear on it.


classic symptom of dropping your bike too much! not tire size...


often the mounting tab gets bent in... you can exaggeratedly bend it back out so the muffler clears, or even add a spacer and use a longer bolt if you really want it out of the way... many modern bikes use the spacer... 

classic symptom of dropping your bike too much! not tire size...

Can't be that. My bike has never been on its side.


Seriously though, mine rubbed from new before I had ever laid it over. It never bothered me; I just added it to the list of things that are "self-clearancing".

My rmz 250 came with a 18 in rear rim and had a 120 100 18 tire it had rubbed the mud flap to the point it was trashed aside from that I noticed it had a little bit of top end loss so I stuck a 100 100 18 rear tire and that helped with the power loss and cornering but it doesn't have the tracktion the 120 had

I forgot I started this thread; I might as well give an update. I LOVE that tire. I am never going smaller. I did notice a bit of a hit in the power; I might go a tooth larger in the rear to make up for it, but it is kinda nice to be able to hit 55 for once! It looks massive, but there are zero clearance issues. 

slightly heavier, in rotational mass not static. Lost HP (again insignificant amount), but the feeling of gained torque. I don't care for the 120 profile, there's a loss of turn in with a wider tire that I felt. I run 110/100/18 on my 450, all the 250's get 100/100/18. All Maxxis desert IT. I tend to chunk the side knobs on the maxxis desert IT front.

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