2014 CRF250R shifter vibration

Love the new 2014 CRF250R, but sometimes having a hard time shifting as the lever vibrates so much at high rpm. Overall there doesn't seem to be a lot of vibration noticeable anywhere else on the bike at high rpm. However, the shifter vibrates so much it is dancing around and hard to make a clean shift when the revs are up.


Any suggestions for a different shift lever? And, have you actually used the lever you are recommending?


Seems worst 2nd=>3rd shift, but also tough 3rd=>4th

Stock shift lever

Stock engine (so far)

Honda "red bottle" 80W85 trans oil (considering going to 10W40 as manual suggests -- separate question but I'd still love to hear your thoughts)

Bike is still all stock except for front brake rotor


Are you sure the shifter's clamping bolt is tight? If not, it'll dance loose on the splines.

Yes. Very tight.

These motors don't vibrate much and certainly not at an amplitude or frequency that should cause your shifter to bounce around. Any recent engine work? By you or a shop?

As stated above -- all stock

All-stock doesn't mean it hasn't been worked on to me, it just has all OEM, stock, components in it. So, it's never been worked on...

Well, it shouldn't be vibrating a lot. Has it always done that?

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Never been worked on and I specifically checked the pinch bolt. It is tight. Has done that since it was new 3 hours of riding ago.

The bikes I have & have had didn't vibrate at the engine and certainly not at the shifter. Somethin' ain't rite...

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Agreed. Find out whats wrong before something bad happens to your shiny new bike

3 hours on the bike and the shifter is dancing around?  You may have a screw or something in the shift system on the right side, behind the clutch comeing apart.

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