Transmission problems

So my 72 Kawasaki f7 ate a piston this spring. I'm finally getting around to putting it back together. I went to assemble the case halves and I couldn't get it to switch any higher than neutral (will go into first) so I took it apart before the gasket sealant cured.


Does anyone have any tips or anything to check? Only the outer 2 gears were 'free' to come off when the case is apart so I know nothing is installed backwards internally. I know I didn't provide much info but I've never really messed with motorcycle transmissions before.



get a manual

I have one, doesn't go into what I need help with, just a quick disassembly/assembly procedure. I never took the gear assembly out of the case so I am stumped to why it's not working.

bump. anyone have any advice on what/how to check?

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