Left footpeg slanted back?

one of the first things I noticed about my XR400R when i first rode it was the left footpeg is slanted back and at enough of an angle so if I put my foot on it flat, my foot is slanted up in front and looks as if a goofy angle. So I just deal with it and put my foot comfortable on it and ride on the balls of me feet. I saw a pic where a guy was showing off some new cool footpegs and the one o his bike also looked slanted back at the same angle as mine. Mine doesn't LOOK bent from a crash either. Is this normal on the XR400R?



not normal... i have 2 xr4s... one i smashed both footpegs back (right side prevents you from kickstarting!)


the other has been abused, but the footpegs are close as i could want to being flat and perpendicular....


my buddy has a 650 and his footpeg is somehow bent FORWARD?!?! apparently low speed tipover with rock...


most likely the peg mount is slightly twisted... confirmed if you have same result with new peg

Yes,  it is not bent back, but slanted back horizontally. And it has no marks or any visible damage on it. Either it is a weird tip over, or it is that way from the factory. It is almost as if there is a right peg on a left mount....which certainly could be the case....maybe.

I've had both right and left foot peg bent back with a twist in the right peg on my XR250.  Mine got that way from clipping rocks and stumps riding single track.  All I had to do was use a plumbers torch to heat up the stub on the frame where the left peg mounts and heat the bolt on peg mount on the right side.  When the metal turns almost red from the heat, I used a small pry bar through the pegs to manipulate the pegs into the correct position.  It was easy and worked great!

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