Stock exhaust

Hey so I am looking to get a spark arrestor for my bike, probably just a end cap.  While I was at it tho I have an 03 YZ450 and it has the stock silencer on it that goes out to the edge of the fender. Would I be able to cut it off a little past the mounting bracket and put the end cap on there and not loose any power? or would I gain power? And also would it be louder or quieter?  thanks.

There is little or nothing to gain from shorteneing the muffler except more noise and eventually a cracked muffler core. 

sorry i forgot to post I'm looking to protect the end of the muffler from being torn to shreds by wrecking, If i cut it to the mounting bracket it would be behind the side panel and more tucked away like the rest of the exhausts.

Id cut it without any worries. Itll look a heck of a lot better but dont go crazy as it definitly adds noise. Getting a fmf q with a arrestor already may be a better overalll option

So no problems or loss of power from cutting it? besides being louder (which is always good :ride: )

Its a 450 if it loses .35 of a hp will you really be upset?

 besides being louder (which is always good :ride: )


In what way is being louder good?  Louder is...


  • Damaging to your hearing
  • Physically fatigues you (whether you know it or not)
  • Adds nothing at all to the performance of the bike
  • Turns the public against the sport

I agree with that, louder is bad. Thats why i suggested the fmf q with a s/a buit in. Better looks, lighter, more power most likely and less sound.

the sport is being shut down because riders are being disrespectful to others on the trails.  not because of a loud bike.

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