Fail Videos

Hey all!

As we all know things don't always go as planned out on the trail. Let's see some of your sticky situations.

Here is one of mine. I attempt a hill climb but I don't have enough grip...


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bad link !

New link is up...

If you were on a 2 stroke...

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If I was on a 2 stroke it would be worse! Even less traction.

Oh man that was pretty close as for 2 stroke it wouldn't have a chance getting to there top of that one.

It was a quad trail and you couldn't make it up????

That must have embarrased your Berg.

That's what a bald tire, loose dirt and steep hill equal....

That's what a bald tire, loose dirt and steep hill equal....

Cough "excuses" cough

Eh man not everyone is a pro

Eh man not everyone is a pro

We're all just ribbin Ya.... Lol

I tried to put my foot down but there was no ground lol

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Hey Monk, what happened here again?  :p



I have a ton of my fail on camera, I should put it all together and make a crash n burn video. That would be funny. My CRF and I had quite a learning curve over the last couple of years riding some of the more extreme single track BC has to offer. I hope this tread works out and people actually post up some nicely edited vids.

heres my compilation for all of 2013 





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