13 CRF450R Fork Pressure Equalizer - Single Schrader Valve

I recently saw a "new" manifold system for the fork Schrader valves.  I can't remember if it was in a magazine or on an internet site.  The part manifolded the two existing Schrader valves into a single valve.  The one I saw was a somewhat long and I believe made from billet.  I can't remember where I saw it or where to buy it.


The one I'm searching for is not the Split Stream design or the WC adapters.


Hoping someone can provide a link for the piece I'm looking to find. 





That's what I've been looking for!!!


Much appreciated.



What happens when you blow a fork seal in one leg??  :eek:  

Walk it to the truck. Or bring someone as good at wheelies as Doug Domokos was with you every time you ride...

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crf stuff makes an equalizer also that ive seen on a few bikes

have mine 5 months and no issues to date

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