chadwick/new tire

I'm going down to chadwick soon and I wanted to know if I should put my new tire on before I go :)

Maxis IT are supposed to work well in those rocky conditions. M12's also. Most fast riders out west are loving the Maxis IT in rocky terrain and they seem to last very well.

There's alot of rocks there. If your old tire is in decent shape you should probably not change it until after riding at Chadwick. I guess it also depends on how hard you plan to ride when you get there. When do you plan to go? Been hoping to get there soon myself.

we plan to ride there the 2nd 3rd and mabe the 4th

throw the new tire in the truck with all your gear. rounded off knobs don't work very well at chadwick when those rocks get a little mud on them. the weather forecast keeps changing. you wont know if you need new meat till you get there.

I have to work that weekend. :)

If the old tires have any tread on them, leave them on. Chadwick will waste a new tire quickly for someone new to the area. May see ya, just depends. :)

So how was Chadwick?

Did you roast a new tire? :D:)

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