11 klx 140L plastic

Does anyone know if 2009 plastic fits on a 2011

2009 through the current year should all fit.  The colors are a little different, but the fit is the same.  that is the same for just about all the parts on the bike.

Good deal I wanna get the black plastic

Good deal I wanna get the black plastic

Then your bike will look like this:




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That is pretty flippin' cool.  Who was the guy on Ebay that did them up?  What type of custom stuff can he do?

Hi guys


I know this is an old thread,  but I'm looking for new plastics for my sons 2008 140L, and so far all I can find (in Australia) is OEM.  Can you guys suggest any suppliers of aftermarket plastics??


Also, I see plenty of suppliers selling's plastics for the KLX110 - do these fit the 140's (particularly the side panels)?




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