Quick question KYB shock bleeding

I just revalved the shock on my 05 KX125.  I've done these before when I had 250's but never had this situation.


Going by the manual, I was at the point where you "insert suitable funnel", fill the funnel and actuate the shock to bleed air.  The bladder was moving in/out of the housing from suction. I didn't try to force it seated or anything, just collapsed the shock, removed the funnel and tightened the bleeder screw.


Second part of that is, the oil in the funnel raises and lowers depending on the shaft being in or out.  Do you compress the shock, remove funnel and insert bleeder screw or have shock extended meaning more fluid inside the shock.  Looks to be about 3/4oz difference from extended to compressed.


I assembled it compressed thinking it may lock up with too much fluid.



shock shaft needs to be fully extended along with the seal head in its clip, bladder cap seated in the clip and a few psi in the bladder to make sure its not collapsed. Full of oil, then insert the bleeder screw with its O ring. Set Ni pressure, done.

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