07 WR450 Hot Start Lever Question?

How far does the lever need to be opened to actually work correctly and be effective?



I just installed a set of ASV levers with ASV perch and the hot start lever is hitting my dual sport switch.

The lever only open’s half way before it hits the switch. I can obviously move the perch down farther on the bars but I like where it is at for good clutch pull.

First, make sure there ia some play in the cable, you must let the plunger in the carb fully seat. As you pull the hot start, once resistance is felt (the plunger is lifting) you only need about 3/16" more travel. If you pull firmly on the lever, it will probably get much stiffer, that is when the plunger is 100% (more than it needs) and you are stressing the assy.

Ride the bike slowly, operate the lever. You will notice when it has an effect. That is as far as the lever needs to operate.

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