Baja offroad adventures in Cabo

Anyone ever ride with this company down in the Cabo san lucas area (Baja Offroad Adventures)? Im going down there in November and looking for any feed back...

Don't know who they are but it's always great to ride in Baja and every ride, no matter where, is memorable. Just being able to ride something different from home, go through a town and have kids running out to greet you, pulling right up to a restaurant, or just checking the awesome views is worth the experience. If you luck out and get some cool trail/ dune climbs or secret trail thrown in that's even better. Seeing as you're there already I'd plan to give them a shot and see how it goes. Make sure you post back the review!

I agree with lilgirl. No matter who you go with, just go!!! You will have the trip of a lifetime! Until you go again, and again, and again, and............

I went out with Andrik about a month ago and had a great ride.  The ride he took me on was about 130 miles.  His bikes are in great shape and ran well.  I would definitely recommend riding with him.  He was very accommodating with getting me to and from his garage/office/ride start.  

The ride was very beautiful and we were able to ride at the pace I was looking for.  Lunch was included and we stopped at a very entertaining restaurant in Pescadero.  The terrain was all dirt road and two track.  We were rained out of the available single track section.  

Go ride with him, you will have a great time and tell him hi from Justin

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