Evaluating purchase of a used XR650L

I am looking at buying a 1999 XR650L.  It has 28,000 mi. however it appears to well taken care of.  The top end of the engine has been re-done once and I expect it it will have to be done again using 15,000 mi. as a guideline.  What other major items should I put on the potential "TO DO" list if I were to purchase a bike of this vintage?  Any guidance would be much appreciated.



I would service the bike and ride it. Learn the bike, and understand it, prior to moding anything.

At that mileage,do NOT buy the bike unless the owner is willing to remove the countershaft sprocket so you can see the output shaft splines......with hard use,,tight chains and alot of road use and/or cheap sprockets the splines could be almost stripped off where the shaft comes out.........meaning complete engine disassembly including spliting the cases...........very costly...


Or.......get it really cheap and expect to see them worn,,,and be willing to rip it completely apart for a complete rebuild..


I`ve seen them stripped as low as 7000 miles and still good at 50k plus,,so it`s a crapshoot unless you look,,do not take their word for it...


I`ve seen at least 3 bikes that the new owner found out the  owner-idiot  that just rooked them ...welded the sprocket on,,,the new owner was unsuspecting till later..


One of these poor buggers will be along shortly to post pics of why i`m stressing this...........and likely reinforce this suggestion...



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I bought mine with 22k  and went to do the counter shaft sprocket mod  and found minimal  wear


I was expecting much worse after reading these forums  LOL

cs 22k.JPG

Brianhare gave you great advice. I'd add that if I was buying a bike with that mileage it would have to be a great deal. There are too many low mileage well maintained xrl's at a good price out there.

I've got a 99 with 900 miles on it for sale in my local CL for $2800 (he says firm).

Tempted and I don't even need it. 

Loved the white years. 

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Thanks for the input on potential issues with used XR650L. Very much appreciated!!!

sarcasm doesn't work on the internet!!!

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Not sure what you mean. No sarcasm intended. I DO appreciate the help.

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