Yet another jetting question..

Thanks for all the info I have gathered from this site so far. I have done a few searches and can't seem to find an exact setup similar to mine with the same elevation.

My setup is as follows:

2001 Drz 400e


K&n filter

Mrd/ssw (arriving monday :) )

Indiana-altitude of ~ 800 ft. and typically very humid, ill ride from about 40º - 90º but its typically 60º-80º

This is my first go at adjusting a carb, I see most recommend the jd kits, but id like to just buy whatever main or two i may need. Any help or direction is appreciated.

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Jet kits involve needles and diffrent settings on them thats what your paying for its pointless just buying a pilot and main jet without a needle. If your going to do the job do it correctly bud :D also jd kits will tell you what jets etc you need.

Also do the 3 x3 mod

"If your going to do the job do it correctly bud :D"

That's the plan! I wasn't aware the needles were different as well. I sprung for the whole kit (from the tt store, of course).

On the 3x3: I was under the imperession that on the "E's", you just had to remove the snorkel and you would have roughly a 3x3 opening on the top of the airbox. I'd have to measure it, but it sure seems like it will provide plenty of air flow.

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Do you have an E model with the FCR slant body carb? If you do make sure you ordered the right kit!!! Hope you got the fuel screw along with your kit too. It will help tune things in finer without a lot of hassel.

Yes I have an e model with the slant body fcr. I'm fairly certain I got the right kit, the store said it fit anyway. I also bought a R & D flex-jet fuel screw.

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According to the kit, I'm supposed to install the 165 main, leave the pilot stock, and use the blue needle in the 4th position. Does this sound like a good starting point?

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You could have just purchased an OCEMN needle and a 160 main jet.....

OK so be it..... you purchased the JD kit..?

Use 160 main jet open pipe, 155 mj for inserted MRD

Blue needle , clip 4

45 pilot jet should be installed as stock

2.25 turns fuel screw

Check that a 60 pilot air jet is installed, Remove the coast enrichener, join the ports on the carb with a left over piece of hose and cap the port on the head...

Yes, I bought the jd kit. Ill start with the 160 and the settings you suggested and go from there. Ill do a search on all the things you mentioned to do to the carb as well. Any info or tips would be appreciated!

Just do some searching, lots of info at your finger tips..... ;)

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