Lever Options: brake & clutch

so somebody broke off my brake lever....

I found an old TT post from way back on this topic re: using XR levers and/or perches.... 

I'm open to whatever suggestions, but I'd like to find a shorter, curvier 2-finger 'trigger' for each if such a thing is possible. 


What I could not nail down from the discussion of xrr parts is whether the xrr levers will just 'plug and play'...  will they?   the discussion branched to the superiority of the xrr perches, but there was dispute then about whether stock threaded mirrors [dr] would plug/play on the xrr perches.


can someone pls help me out?  I don't want to make a remodel project out of just a couple of good levers :) !! 

At one time I had both a D/S'd BRP and 2002 DR in the garage side by side and never thought to check these particular details!   can't remember

I am guessing DR650? 

I would wonder too, mine are monsters, and they aren't as cozy as my DRZ levers, which are actually GSXR Vortex levers in any case. 

Warp 9 makes two and three finger levers.

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