1993 dr 350 rev problem.

I just bought a 93 dr 350 not the s. But the only thing is when I give it about 45% throttle it starts breaking up I was told that it's either starving or being overloaded. When I pull the choke all the way out I can get about 85% out of it. I tore it down and cleaned it out. I was told it was the air fuel mixture although I am not familiar with the mechanics of dirt bikes as this is my first one. I have been looking every where for rebuild or repair kits an so far I've only seen for the s model. So can I get some advice please and thank you. what should I do?

def sounds like carb problems, If your really green check out thisoldtractor.com and download a manual, have a read i could also recommend reading up on jetting.

If you have a cv type carb check diaphram otherwise, check you jetting .

How do i check to see if its a pumper carb what should i look for?

Google mikuni tm33. this is a "pumper" meaning it has an accelerator pump.

the other type is a bst33 ? it is a cv carb


My carb is the one on the right is that the pumper carb or the cv carb???

TM33, a "pumper".

Technically is a flat silde carb with an accelerator pump. True pumper carbs are used on engines designed to run at any angle, even upside down. For instance your gasoline powered weed eater uses a pumper carb in which the fuel is supplied to the metering jets under pressure from a integrated diaphragm type pump.

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