xr650r fork clicks out ?

hey guys just wondering how many clicks out are people running on stock xr650r forks... or where is stock ? my bike has 8 clicks out... im 154 lbs-ish... felt really soft out in baja... bottomed the forks out on first jump... any advice for a poor guy?

mmm..., i know there is 22+ clicks available on the rebound, the comp adlusters under the rubber plugon fork bottom have at least 20 clicks, the std fork springs are fairly soft, but should be ok for your weight, ive had my forks revalved, i run 12click rebound, 14 compression, with 7.5wgt fluid on .47 eibach springs

Stock valving?,,I could run the clicks all the in and didn't feel anything.A slight mod to the comp stack and stiffer springs makes them great!  

I can't recall what I did to the comp valve on the bottom (too long ago) but it was simple shim re-arrangement.

sounds like im gonna have to make a weekend project out of my forks.... !!

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