Baja trip was great!

First of all I would like to thank everyone on this board that answered my questions on setting up my bike for Baja. Well I went on Trailboss tours 3 day ride, we spent the night at Rancho tecate, had a great dinner and breakfast there. Road about 165 miles that day to Mikes skyranch. That was a great experience, got to meet Mike jr. bought a tee shirt, had some private reserve tequila. The next day we road quite a ways south of Ensenada, then road up the coast to Estero beach resort. That place is really nice! We wanted to go into town and whoop it up a little but we were way too tired. The next morning we rode up into the mountains into some great single track. About 5000' elevation. We had lunch at a lodge up there, Deer and Goat burritos. They were great! Then we rode mostly 2-track trails back to Ranco tecate. Chris and Nancy the owners of trailboss tours, are great people. They made sure everyone was having a great time. We had alot of differant skill levels in our group, and they made sure everyone had fun. I had so much fun I'm already trying to plan another trip in March. Also there is no question in my mind that the XR650R is the only bike to have down there. My bike was at home going 90mph in fast stuff to tight single track.

Great! :) Chris and Nan are fun people and love to ride. I just wish I could do more rides with them. My problem is I need two more days for the drive down and back, so for a 3 day ride I need 5 days. How many people were on your ride? What did you like the best on the trip. My favorite part is Mike's Sky Ranch. I love the fast roads so I will hang back for a bit and haul butt.

So how did you like the private reserve tequila? That stuff will give you strange dreams at night.

Next time you go post it and I'll see if I can make it too. I plan on going a couple times early spring.

Hi, Moredesert

I think we will try to go back sometime in late March, I hope you can make it! Some of my favorite stuff on the trip was riding out of mikes skyranch the back way the two track was awesome! I ride alot at Stoneyford near our area so I like the rough rocky stuff. But the funnest had to be day-3 up in the decomposed Granite. You could really hang it out in the turns. Or what about that heavy whoop section that went on for what seemed like an hour! I also like to ride wheelies so going through town on the back wheel was cool. A few times Nan would blow by me and chris on the roads, she had to have that XR400 pinned, she's a great rider. well, I could go on and on. I think next time I would like to take a day at Estero beach and take in the sites though :)


We should hook up at Stonyford sometime. I've been looking foward to a trip there soon. Santa brought me a truck tent I want to try out.

That sand section with the whoops are tuff. I've picked up a lot of bikes in that section. I'll talk to Chris the first of the year and see what he needs for sweep.

glad to hear you had a great time...Nancy and Chris are great people. riding Baja is always a real adventure and if you are with the right people you can really have fun down there :)

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