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Impact on MCL.

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I crash landed off a 60-70ft jump( two weeks ago) and the bike went down hard on the inside of my left knee . Right where my MCL is. After the swelling went down I decided that a visit to my GP was a waste of time as he would just say lay-off it for a few months. You can't get MRI's for just anything in Canada, so I followed my old axiom; "What do you expect to get from the doctor visit?" Since only a complete rupture will demand surgery I knew that visiting my GP was useless because he wasn't going to give me any tips on how to get mobile quicker. I know how to do that.


I run more than 100+ miles per week as I am also an ultra-marathon runner, and have done so for the past 15 years or so. I returned to training last weekend and ran about 15 miles. As long as I kept above my feet and my knee was stable it was only mildly uncomfortable, and so I just sucked it up. I still am having trouble straightening my leg unless it is really warm, and if I tweak my knee or bonk the inside of it, the pain is immense. Why am I trying to run? It is very hard to build up your mileage to close to a marathon a day and any lay-offs can really screw all that up. So I push myself to get back going. My question: If there is not much swelling after each run can I assume that I am alright to keep running? Pain is part of long distance running when you are 46 and have many past broken bones to ensure I am never without it. So it is hard to use that as a judge.

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