81-83 xr200r shock seal 14mm x 40mm

I picked up a xr200r roller for cheap and the rear shock had gone into pogo mode. I pulled it down and found it still has a little air in the bladder and a fair bit of oil. When inspecting the shim stacks one of the washers in the stack had a hole blown through it which allowed oil to bypass. I cant find a shock seal for it but it measures up at 14mm shaft and 40mm bore. Will any seal head of this size work or is the early xr200 shock a strange beast?

They easily go pogo, seems to be common on the 40mm shocks. On the few I bought I always had the fluid changed ASAP, results were good. There is an urban legend that early single shocks did not have  chrome bores so wore out causing a loss of damping, could be true but I don't know what years or brands.  I did cut an 84 XR250 shock apart and it had a chrome bore. So YMMV.


I can't help with the seal head size but most suspension shops and Racetech should be able to help.

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