Outback... Is it good for dirt bikes?


I am thinking about going to Outback Sunday but not sure if it is good for dirt bikes.  I like how its sandy and the track is looks decent and all the trails look wide and not too technical.  I think it would be a good change from the tight technical hard clay in most of Western North Carolina.  I saw a video of a bunch of quads and it looked fun but not sure how most dirt bikers feel about it.  I'm from MI and 90% of every trail is nothing but sandy whoops.

it's the best pay to ride place for bikes in the area,  the single track is hard to find though,  far less sand than places like cape fear orv 

Fun place to ride. I take my wife and son out there a few times per month.

Good. Just looking for something a little different. I hope the jumps are to small and it's not all rutted out. I hope I can fin the trails considering how apparently they are difficult to find.

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