Bike parts shopping list

hey everyone im in Australia and have a 08 crf250r. i am going to america in 3 weeks and wondering how cheap bike part are there. i need to get new intake valves and a top end kit soon for my bike and also little things like bling kits and the exhaust. just wondering on a rough estimate for these things as i have to decide to buy them in aus or the us. and what are some good shops for me to go to up in los-angeles area. which is where im staying. 


il'd appreciate peoples advise! :)


Rockymountainatv and motosport prices are decent.... no tax or shipping if over $99

thanks. do they have stores over in the los-angeles/anihiem area?

Rockymountain is a mail order store. Shipping is very good, about 3-4 days.

What about retail stores. Any motocross parts stores in the area?

Chapperal motorsports and malcolm smith are in the riverside area north east of LA.

thanks for that what kind of things do they sell?

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