Enduro track ideas

Ive searched this topic with no luck, so i have a track in my backyard that im building some pretty sick berms on. Its on about a quarter of an acre (i know but im taking what i can get.) its to fast for big bikes. I find my self coming out of the berms guns blazin but then slamming on the brakes at the last second almost missing the berm and hitting the fence! So ive decided that im gonna slow it down with obsticles like endurocross. All i can think of is logs and rocks and a teeter toter.... Any cool ideas? Sorry for the life story haha

i have a basic enduro track i have been slowly building i have used many rail road ties telephone poles and junk car tires.

Get some big tractor tires too. You can get them cheap, and sometimes free. They make for fun obstacles

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