Header tape on your pig anyone?

Just wondering if anyone has tried header tape on their aftermarket or stock header? If so did you notice a difference? The claims are lower engine temperatures and more consistent power. if there is any truth to this i would think that the pigs aircooled engine would benefit....

Here we go again eh....... :rolleyes:


If you have the OE pipe,,the only benefit,,,,if you can call it that,,is it`ll rust the living crud out of the pipe and you can then tell the wife you need a new Stainless pipe :lol:


You want to spend some money on something worth doing,,,take the OE into Fredericton and get the powder coating shop there(forget the name) to cerama coat it inside and out in black......you won`t have to paint it ...looks cool and keeps the outside cooler...


I got mine done and sent up from Texas by a friend there,,i owe him a core someday..but it does stand up better than any paint,,and nothing sticks to it..mild car wash soap and it looks like new..


Everyone i hear from with aftermarket pipes cry over burnt pants.....and attaching a good shield  and it staying is an issue,,the OE pipe has a freekin good shield,,nobody can beat it...


The OE pipe flows really well believe it or not,,the muffler is restrictive,,,,most people see little to no gain from an aftermarket pipe except maybe bling.....



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:smirk: Not burning your pants must surely be the only advantage,,I can't see how wrapping a header in anything but a giant ice making plant would cool it..However I'm sure someone will have a different opinion or answer.. :devil:

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A big no for me. Rusted so bad underneath my 2 into 1 area came apart on the freeway with an hour left til home. I sounded like a damn helicopter. I even got pulled over. No ticket cause i was like "it just happened". AND not to mention how hard it was to start back up. I thought about heat relief more than rust. But the experts arr right and ive beenthrough it. Never again. Xl600 headers with nothing on em. No problems

I fully regret wrapping mine. The only thing it did was make my bike smell like crap and smoke...

Shoot.  I have had my wrap on it for a while and may have to take it off to check and see what is happening in there.  I will say that it keeps the leg cooler so it must be directing heat somewhere.  but the rust thing has me concerned.


And yes, they get hot and burn off the cheap black coloring the manufacturers put on.  After that it smells normal and the smoke stops.

I just did it for the look....

Been on for 3 years (several re-wraps) and no rust under it....just don't shut the motor down with it still sopping wet...



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I just did it for the look....

Been on for 3 years (several re-wraps) and no rust under it....just don't shut the motor down with it still sopping wet...



Do you find that the wrap helps your bike out in any way?

I just did it for the look....

Been on for 3 years (several re-wraps) and no rust under it....just don't shut the motor down with it still sopping wet...



Looks like you've got a pretty custom head there lol

Performance or not, I like the cleaner look.  I should swap out the black tape, which burns off and looks horrible, with the white.

This has been talked about a million times over the years. All those topics are still there and accessible via the forum's search engine.

Header wrap works well for controlling radiant exhaust heat.

It greatly increases thermal stress on the header. If the header had any chance of cracking to begin with, it probably will sometime after being wrapped. Wrap also absorbs water and if the engine hasn't been run hard enough to dry it out, ferrous steel headers will corrode very quickly.

As far as the power-related claims go, all the wrap does is increase the resonant frequency of the header primaries (because higher temp = higher speed of sound) which effectively makes them act marginally shorter. Is that beneficial for an already low-revving RFVC? Not really.

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Living by the beach, i get puddles under my car from all the moisture collecting on the windshield. The coastal southern california marine layer can be very thick and salty. I believe this to be a factor. I had an xr250l in arizona with pipe wrap and it didnt rust.

But i try to stay fast and keep a good breeze. Theres my heat relief

I have my aftermarket headers wrapped. Performance wise? Can't tell. just looks great! Also, helps with the heat. Besides, NOBODY today in baja uses them.

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