time to replace my cluch??

i think it is time to replace my clutch. i have 2 years of enduros on it and it failed at deleware. what was weird is half way through i had no cluch and had to power shift. :D when i got home i washed it and started it up the cluch was fine. :D how often is the avage cluch last on a 01 xr 650r? :) if i do need a cluch any good ideas about a replacement kit or should i just go with the oem that the dealer wants to sell me and how much coin am i looking at? i have never replaced a clutch. thanks in advance. :D later :D

Your clutch may or may not be worn out, but it definately overheated. Depending on how much it overheated, you may or may not need a new clutch-although with two years of racing, its better to just swap it out now--save the old plates (spare set) if they arent dark and dont smell like burnt motor oil. IF so throw them out.

Changing the clutch is SUPER simple. If you can put gas in the bike, you can change your clutch.

I am on my third clutch now- trying out the Barnett HD clutch-seems to be working ok--but not great. It seems to have some sggressive bite issues. Others swear by them. Some say the Barnetts are not that great-something to do with the fiber.

The OEM clutch is a good one-some mechanics say that is the best one for our bike. IF you are a woods guy you might want to go with heavy duty springs, etc.

Cost will be around $100-130 depending on what you buy.

1- unbolt clutch cover, undo clutch spring bolts (four of em)

2-slide out the bolts, springs, and then discs-taking care to stack them as you removed them on a clean towel. STACK THEM IN THE SAME ORDER -CAREFULLY NOTING WHAT CAME OFF FIRST AND LAST. Might need a thin screwdriver or whatever to help you slide out the last few discs.

3-put some engine oil in a plastic bag, and proceed to oil up each replacement disc in the bag-massaging the parts while keeping your hands clean-you can also just dip the discs into a bowl of engine oil. Use Honda GP4 or whatever you run in your bike.

4-simply slide the new discs on in the same pattern they where removed.

5-bolt the springs back in, put the cover over the whole thing.

Should take you 30 minutes the first time--allowing plenty of chin scratching and assorted pauses. A mechanic can do it in 5 minutes. :)

You had a clutch overheat on you. If it overheated bad-then you can actually smell in in your oil. Very likely you need to change the engine oil now as well. Take a look at the old fiberous discs and see if they are dark, smooth, and or 'burnt'. Lots of times this happens when the bike is started in thick mud or sand in 2nd gear, or if the rider is super fat, etc. Not saying you are at fault-sounds like you have done some serioius saddle time on your pig.


After the clutch is replaced and after the first 200+ miles or so when you're doing your first oil change, make sure to remove the downtube oil screen and clean it since it will likely have clutch fibers and other stuff in it. Then somewhere between 500 to 1,000 miles do it again just to make sure it's still clean (it will probably be pretty clean) and you shouldn't have to worry about it for a long time afterwards.

thanks. it has had some tuff miles in these east coast enduros. it overheated at deleware do to all the deap mud holes i was stuck in. :) my bros here said to stay away from barnett due to the grabby feel isue :devil:later :D

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