Help Me Identify My Forks CRF230F

When I bought this bike it had upgraded front forks.  My seals are leaking and I need to order some new ones.


I believe he said they were from an 85 CR125 but I am not 100% sure.  Any help is much appreciated.











1985 and older CR forks are damper rod forks, 1986-88 were (conventional) cartridge forks...or whatever year they went to inverted cartridge forks. Are those cartridge forks?


I am not sure. I will be opening the one that is leaking tomorrow.

Under the boot on the slider there often is a cast 3 character Honda Product code. If you go to Honda part fiche it will be the middle part of the slider part number.

My search of 85 CR125 came up with:

KA3 is the Product code for the slider.
My notes:  1983 to 1985 CR250 forks  are Showa 43Cs (84- 86 for CR125 are KYB 43C); with only a clicker on the bottom, air valve on top. They are Air/Oil damper rod forks with a blow off valve in the bottom. 1986 to 1988 CR250 are full cartridge Showa 43Cs (87 for 125 w/ KYBs) CR forks are full cartridge design with external compression and rebound adjusters. 1989-91 (90 on 125) on are inverted Showa 45Usforks; (USD) forks. Up to 1993 use same steering stem bearings as 150/230. 

So the external clues are; only a air valve, clicker (bottom or bottom/top), tube size, and product code on slider.

Looks like they are 85 CR125 forks.  Ordering seals tonight





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