Crf150f Cheap Mods


What are the best cheap($100) mods for a Crf150f. What will give it more power, what will give it a better feel. I just want to know some cheap performance enhancing mods.

Start with the basics first:

Change the oil,

Clean the air filter and re-oil it,

Adjust the valves,

Adjust and lube the chain,

Adjust the clutch and lube the cable with a cable lube tool,

Same with the throttle and cable,

Replace the spark plug,

Change the fork oil

Lube the swing arm bearings and the rear linkage bearings,

Tighten spokes, inflate tires.

Check and tighten any loose nuts and bolts front to rear and top to bottom.

Lube every pivot point on the bike...

Levers, foot pegs, rear brake peddle and linkage, clutch actuator pivot where cable connects at the clutch cover.

Should all be less than a $100.00, so go buy some gas, fill the tank and ride it.

Bike Feel better now? It should, cause it's now completely and properly maintained.

To along with what was posted,

Get the power up jet kit. Rejet the carb and replace needle, Take the snorkel out of the airbox, remove the exhaust baffle and replace the stock air

Filter with a uni or some other free flowing filter.

That will make a nice improvement

^^^ oh an it cost about $50 for the jet kit and around $20 for a filter

^^^ oh an it cost about $50 for the jet kit and around $20 for a filter


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