My bike has a serious case of the bogs. I'm wanting to do the ever so famouse BK mod. However, I'm not so technicaly inclined. My question is have any of you local guys done it on your bike? And would you be willing to help me get it straight if I F@%$k it up? I would gladly supply Pizza, beer and gate fee when we test it out.



I will be in that area until end of the year with family. Let me know if still need help and we can get together.

I have a 2002 and I love it just the way it is. If it aint broke ....


Your problem most likely has nothing to do with the BK mod issue. You most likely just need to adjust the carb.

If I can get my machine back together by the weekend, perhaps we can link up at Club Moto. If not, perhaps the following weekend.

DaveJ (South Bay)

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