ebay for bikes and parts.whats your expirence?

As you guys know we need to shop for the best deals in order to keep riding. I have had a few transactions that saved me some money and got the job done. I won an auction for two bikes and a helmet from a guy in davenport Ia. he then said he sold them local.ebay did nothing and the crackhead that was selling it kept changing his story. so do you guys have any suggestions?  thanks in advance freight

Did you use pay pal ?

he closed the auction before I could pay for it. so ebays legal binding contract is just a bunch of crap. and if your woering this would have been my first husaberg :rant:

he closed the auction before I could pay for it. so ebays legal binding contract is just a bunch of crap. and if your woering this would have been my first husaberg :rant:


So you didn't lose any money? That's good.

correct but that was abit too close for comfort and I was really wanting to get my hands on the berg.

that happens a lot people list local and ebay   it sucks  but hardly gives you any need for recourse if you didn't pay



I buy tons of parts  but I wouldn't buy a bike

I bought a flea bay special once.....pics were great(not current)....story checked out(not a clapped out turd). Until i get there and it was.....luckly, i bought the bike cheap enough to put a lil elbow grease in her and make her shine like new again....ended up getting laid off from work 4 months later and had to sell her...even made a few bucks....but i was lucky

I buy some parts off ebay and thats about it. I would never buy a complete running any thing off of ebay anymore. I got burned about 5 years ago and a small boat. The guy refunded 1/2 of my money but it would have cost more than I paid for it to get it fixed. Lesson learned. Parts are fine and thats it for me.

I've bought lots of parts off ebay for years and never had a problem, until recently.  Mostly new stuff, an occasional used.  I shop around for new parts and always find the best price on ebay.  Not the best prices on used parts but ebay usually has what you're looking for.  I mentioned in a previous post that I needed a newer carb and bought one from another TTer for less than he could have sold it for on ebay. 

Recent problem, I bought a FMF megabomb on ebay 10 days ago and it still hasn't come.  I contacted the seller who said they would look into it and get back with me.  The seller had 1000s of transactions and a good rating, at some point somethings gonna slip through the cracks.  

I guess the part that bothered me the most was the so called legal binding contract is a bunch of crap. I don't think I will ever use ebay again. I was told to try amazon and I found a really great deal on a clutch cable. I have bought lots of things from the tt store and their performance was awesome. so where do you guys find parts and projects?

u can't compare ebay to the TT store or Amzon IMHO   I can't go to the either of those  two and for example  find cases for a 1200 cc yamaha pwc   yet on ebay I have found 2 sets  without them I would have 2 worthless hulls


and let the legal binding purchase ideal  go

  you never paid for it  and lost nothing but some time


ebay is a crap shoot  but pay with paypal  and even then pay via a real credit card not a debit or bank account and your recourse is multiplied

in case of a no show or "not as described item "

I sold an 03 rm125 on ebay once. Put up some pics that weren't too great and described the bike as great condition. Only got $1300 out of her back in 05 but when the 1 and only bidder showed up to pick it up his jaw dropped at how clean this bike was. Thing was immaculate. Probably had a total of 10 hours on it. He didn't know what to expect and he ended up being very happy buyer. I wouldn't personally buy a bike on ebay without being able to look it over in person first

Only had one bad experience on Ebay. I have bought many items from axles, radiator guards, tires, brake calipers, they all have been great. The one bad experience was a "grab basket" of parts and gaskets for my old DR350S. When we got the parts everything was in good shape except for the gaskets. They were just dry and breaking apart because of the age. We kindly asked the seller about it and he apologized and returned 50% of our payment!! I only buy from sellers who have a few hundred reviews and above 97%. Better that way. 

I buy and sell stuff on both CL and eBay all the time. Only bad experience was 7-8 years ago when I received a broken camera lens.

FWIW - there's a pretty good deal on a berg on CL here in Tulsa.


If you made the arrangements I'd be willing to inspect and help get it shipped for you if it's what you're looking for.

And no, I have no interest in the deal. Don't know the guy, just saw the ad a couple of days ago.

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