New style fork guards on 03

Haven't found the info if it's already here somewhere ....

I'm changing my brake line to the 'new' style routing inside the fork instead of around the bottom - which new style fork guards fit my 03? (if any)


  Sorry, the link that I copied and paste did not work. Go to Select "motocross" then "lower fork guards".  They offer several in carbon fiber but the first listing is for the plastic yz fork guards designed to look like the newer style with the "honda style" brake line routing for 39.99.  Hope this helps.  P.S. Rerouting your brake line like this will make a huge improvement in braking!

Cool - thanks - I'm hoping that a switch in routing and changing to braided hose does more than just look good :cool:

I run the softest and grippiest pads I can find and will be changing to a much newer master also.

I just put the CR style line and CRF pads on my 02 YZ250 and it changed the whole bike. I can brake way later and the bike actually stops now.

Just got my Lightspeed fork guards and will fit them this weekend. They look great out of the box.

Best upgrade available for the old YZs.

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