Suomy Mr Jump helmet

I was in the market for a new MX helmet and was wondering if anybody had bought this helmet brand? It seems very light and they say the finish is nice, not sure about the fitment. My head is 23-3/4 " and they say these helmets run small. I don't want to order one and have to send it back.

I am coming off a shoei vxm ( older helmet ) .

the shoei is nice but not well vented. I feel like I'm frying inside.

any opinion welcome.


Probably got close to 4-500hrs on mine and its been great. I have the bright orange one so it's near impossible to miss me. The lightness of the helmet is outstanding, especially during a long days ride or race. I've heard it many times people saying to try them out, guy comes back into the pits and says he forgot it was even there.

As for sizing, I take a medium in my Arai, take a medium in the Suomy too. The fit in the ears is a little funny on the Suomy but you forget about it in all of 10secs.

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