2010 RMZ 250 wont start :( Help

hi all,


kinda new to the dirt bike scene just bought a 2010 rmz250 and rode it home from the guy i bought it off at his place the bike started quite easy 2nd kick but after a night in the garden it wont start kicked it like 50 times now, i have tried with cold start button out and in. anyone got any ideas ???


Maybe a new spark plug??

First try one light kick to get it to TDc (top dead center)

Bring kick starter back to top and go till it get stuck/hard to kick that means your at tdc.

Then ratchet back up and give it a good full kick down.

Also with the "choke" throttle nob pushed in go clockwise till it stops then counterclockwise 34-36 turns. That will be your stock setting

hi thanks for the info, 


when im kicking it over after 3 or 4 kicks it backfires ? any ideas ???

Is your air filter clean?

I'd call the dude you bought it from. Maybe it had an "issue. Gotta have fuel,spark,compression and timing. Confirm you got that and it should run. Look at the plug. It can tell you many things. Kick it a few times. Is it wet? Is it black?White? Does it spark? Ground it to the frame and kick bike over-should see a spark. Does it kick over hard? Soft? Check the timing. does all the timing marks line up? Drain the gas-is the gas good? Gotta start checking and ruling out what you know is OK and what is questionable.

well renewed the spark plug and it started 2nd kick :)

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