Will my truck be able to tow this?

I'm looking at buying a 2004 Fleetwood Gearbox. The toy hauler is a 30' triple axel (not a fifth wheel). I have 2007 chevy silverado 6.0 l with a 4.10 rear. The camper weighs 8,250 completely empty.

I'm assuming that your truck is a 3/4 ton, a 2500 series or whatever GM calls them. Probably an automatic. If so, I would consider short distances as ok. If it is a 1/2 ton, not ok. To get out on the road, get a diesel. 

Yes but not quick uphill, about 7-8 mpg and slow to brake.It is a 2500 right? A 1500 probably won't have the GCVW rating.  A co-worker has one towing a 27' TT. He is looking for more truck. The mfgs lie about their weights. It's usually before generator, batteries, propane bottles etc. I'l bet you will be over 11,000 loaded. Tip, don't haul a full load of water if you don't have to. I try to fill up as close to my destination as possible. Think about it, 100 gallons is 835 lbs. or a little over 3 full size 450s.

Yes it is a 3/4 ton long bed and has the 6 speed auto transmission (with the option to shift manually) I dont usually go anywhere further than 4 hours. Mostly 2 or less and I go about 8 times a year.

You'll be fine, if I'm correct the 2500 6.0l is rated for 11,000 so your right on the mark. Buy stabilizers too and use truck in tow/haul mod....

You will be OK, just won't be blazing hills. Fuel economy will suck but it will work.

My fuel economy sucks all the time anyhow!! Haha. Thanks for your input and quick responses!

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